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[birt-report-designer-dev] Dynamic watermarks using parameters

I would like to know if anyone had an idea on how to insert images into a report in BIRT so as to make them seem watermarks, and making them dynamic by specifying a parameter that sends the value correspondent to the wanted image. I have tried using parameters for dynamic images in a report and it worked, but haven't been able to use a dynamic image as a watermark or background for the report. What I am trying to do is let the user decide which image it wants as a background to the report that he/she has called to. And what this does is send a string to the database with the name of the image, which then returns the image correspondent to the string and displays it as a background or watermark. The only way I have found to have a watermark is to specify an image background in a style, but this only gives me the option of having a static image, in which the user will not be able to choose the watermark he/she wants or needs, he/she will have to print the report with that specified static image. Thank you for your help.


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