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[birt-report-designer-dev] Page size in design and column header border

I found some problems in BIRT Version 2.0.1.


1)       When I use to reset page size using customer style by letting Width to be 11pt and Height 8.5pt, similar to a landscape.

Then I switch to Eclipse BIRT Design view, what I got is the portrait canvas, so some columns are out of the canvas and invisible.

But I can still get the correct report if I run the report.   So I guess customer page size in design template has a bug, or maybe I am wrong.


2)       I am using borders in report column header, so by this way I can let all column headers seem to be in a rectangle box.

When I run PDF Report, I see the bottom border lines are gone, that means that rectangle missed bottom line. This problem only exists in

PDF format report and only shown in second page and page after. Of course we will not match this problem in HTML format as HTML report

Only has one column header.


I am not sure these two are bugs or not. I hope some one can give me some tips if you met such problems before. Thanks!





Statestreet Technology

E-mail:  chwr@xxxxxxxx






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