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[birt-report-designer-dev] Error in report

Hello All...

I am Designing a report Which will run on IE 6.0 with code windows-1256 (arabic windows) and birt is using utf-8 code ..When I put My Variabable in url and run:


it gives me error:

There are errors on the report page:
+ There are error(s) in Data : 328
with frameset it is ok:
it asks me parameter , i put ÚÑÈí in it which brings data but i can not print from browser
in print preview it is not as it comes on browser
I am using Oracle Database with Code page 1256 can anyone tell me what is a problem and how can i solve it ...and how can i print report from birt viewer (frameset ) from browser
I am Using OC4J for WebServer can i use it with birt also...??
Thanks ...Raza

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