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Re: [birt-report-designer-dev] Report Layout

Thanks for the info but i am confused with your reply. If this is for developers then the question i had was for development of reports. Could you please spell it out as to what sort of group is this and what questions are posted here.


On 10/17/05, Sudha Tatineni <statineni@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
look at the tutorial page in www.eclipse/birt.
And this is not the newsgroup to post the queries.
This one is use by developers.
go to Bussiness Intelligence reporting tool.
and subscribe for username and password.
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Subject: [birt-report-designer-dev] Report Layout

Hello All,

I am new to Birt and wanted to know if it was possible to drag and drop to fields labels  or text boxes next to each other or how to place two fields next to each other.


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