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RE: [birt-report-designer-dev] Dynamic 2D table question


Thanks for your interest in the Eclipse BIRT project. However, this
mailing list is intended for discussions between the BIRT project
development team. In the future, for questions on using BIRT, please
post your question on the BIRT newsgroup:

On your specific question, this type of report is typically called a
cross-tab or matrix report. BIRT 1.x does not provide direct support for
cross-tabs. You could get some of the way there by manipulating the data
at the SQL query level. For example, see the user comment on Cross Tabs
at the bottom of this MySQL documentation page: However, this does mean
you need to know something about the data before the query. In your
example, you would need to know that there are sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10
when you build the query. There are many cases where you do not know
this in advance -- so this solution has limited application.

Support for true cross-tab reports is a candidate feature for BIRT 2.0,
although at this stage we are not sure if this will fit the schedule.


Paul Clenahan

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Subject: [birt-report-designer-dev] Dynamic 2D table question

Is it possible to create a report with 2D table which can expand
horizontally and vertically (depend on the database records)

for example:
                        2  4  6  8  10
color  green

If possible, can you show me the step? Thanks in advance
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