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[birt-news] pass value to crystall report formulas

Hi actually i have  a crystal report report.
And i need to  know if i can pass runtime (with birt apis) a value in a formula.
I used Crystal report for eclipse but it's not defined a setFormulaValue but just a setRecordSelectionFormula.
Does birt support those methods for managing Crystal report reports?
Or i need to convert all my crystal report reports in BIRT reports?
Please help i'm desperate with CR4E
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Subject: RE: [birt-news] pass value to crystall report formulas

Hi Giovanni,


Yes, formulas in BIRT (called expressions) can accept passed in parameters.


By the way you should ask your questions about using BIRT in the eclipse.birt newsgroup or at the forums at http://www.birt-exchange.com





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Subject: [birt-news] pass value to crystall report formulas


Hi all

i have hundreds of crystal report formulas in a rpt file created with CR XI.

Now i need to pass values to those formulas. Crystal report for eclipse does not allow me to do that (in the next release it can but will come in 2008 damn!).

I wonder if BIRT can do it.