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[birt-news] Deploying BIRT runtime as a part of other web app

I have a web application, which uses dynamic charts generated by BIRT. As far as I understand I need to copy WebViewerExample folder from birt-runtime-2_2_0.zip runtime into Tomcat webapp folder and deploy it as a separate web application. This makes the deployment of my main webapp a lot more complicated, because I have to somehow share the main web app settings with BIRT’s viewer and manage two web applications instead of just one.


I understand that I could copy BIRTs web.xml to my main webapp’s web.xml, but this is just too messy and ugly. How is BIRT viewer normally deployed in production (not testing) environments?


Is there an example of how to bundle BIRT viewer in the existing web applications (WAR) and expose it as a separate servlet?