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[birt-news] Modify data source


        I have a lot repport with the datasource called "bdd".
I would like change the datasource depending on server but I don't find a simple example with IDataSource.

I have found this but it's a new data source not a modification
//                                                        OdaDataSourceHandle odaDataSourceHandle = factory.newOdaDataSource(","org.eclipse.birt.report.data.oda.jdbc");
//                                                        odaDataSourceHandle.setProperty("odaDriverClass",driver);
//                                                        odaDataSourceHandle.setProperty("odaURL",url);
//                                                        odaDataSourceHandle.setProperty("odaUser",user);
//                                                        odaDataSourceHandle.setProperty("odaPassword",password);

have you an example ? thanks for your help.