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[birt-news] Info Required for BIRT

Hi All,

I'm new to BIRT and doing the feasiblity analysis if BIRT can be used for
our project. I'm using BIRT 1.0.1.
Can anyone please let me know about following points
i)Parameter based reports particularly list boxes, in this generally lets
say we would be showing "Name" in drop down as display text and "Id" needs
to be passed as value in sql. How this can be done ?? We can display the id
and get the id in sql, but we would need to display Name as display. We have
the option to provide user defined display text value but how we can assign
the display text value directly from some dataset rather than manually

ii) In case of list boxes type of parameters, if there is linking between
two dropdowns, like on the basis of selection of list box the other list box
values would be populated. How this can be achieved in BIRT.

iii)  Date parameter based criteria, I am not able to correlate the format
of the date what we retrieve through sql with what actually needs to be
passed as report parameter. I mean if we take the dd/mm/yyyy as format in
paramter and in the db it could be in yyyy-mm-dd so do we need to apply the
format function for the same ?? If yes then that means its not truly db
independent as these format functions vary from db vendor to db vendor.

iv) Is there any book published on BIRT ??

v) Sort of security filter, where in for all the sql that are run for
generation of report, the user should be able to see the data pertaining to
his branch only, thus at run time it should be picked based on the
association of the user and its branch. In all the tables which would be
query'ed, branch id field is going to be there. Thus this would ensure that
user just sees data relevant to his branch only.

vi) Once the html page is rendered, can we do the sorting runtime ??

Thanks in advance