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  • [birt-dev] New Eclipse BIRT Milestone Build Available for Download, (continued)
  • [birt-dev] CheckIn: Chart builder enhancement, Yulin Wang
  • [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix a bug about page content style in engine, Gang Liu
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: Update chart unit tests and golden files, Nina Li
  • [birt-dev]CheckIn: fix Bugzilla Bug 118998, 118988--Background image set in inline items doesn't show up in pdf generated using BIRT PDF emitter., Gang Liu
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: Chart scripting refactoring, Zhiqiang Qian
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bugzilla 118002 - Report items are not displayed in library explorer when export an entire report design to library file., Chenzhong Yu
  • [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug --- 116625 Data sources and data sets are displayed out of order., Jiaying Liu
  • [birt-dev] CHECKIN: [119348] Updated BIRT ODA Plug-in Version for BIRT 2.0, Linda Chan
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix [Bugzilla]119205: Support interactivity for Chart Title and Chart Block, Nina Li
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: added default style selector in chart plugin.xml, Zhiqiang Qian
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix icon path of library icon., Qiangsheng Wang
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: fix unit test of report document in DtE, Jianqiang Luo
  • [birt-dev] 3rd party libs used in the web viewer, Jun Zhai
  • [birt-dev] CHECKIN: [115725] oda adapter should not interpret data source id as a bundle id, Linda Chan
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: Add new javadoc target for script api etc, Petter Ivmark
  • RE: [birt-dev] Nominating new BIRT committers-, Roshanak Afsarifard
  • [birt-dev] CHECKIN: Java Doc update and code cleanup for report archive, Kai Shen
  • [birt-dev] Nominating new BIRT committers- need your vote!, Roshanak Afsarifard
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: Fixed Chart SWT interactivity bug, David Michonneau
  • [birt-dev] Where and Distinct keywords in ODA data sets., M OD
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: Add script event adapter classes, Petter Ivmark
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix of bug 119227, export scriptapi.jar, Petter Ivmark
  • [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug --- 118334 image doen't work using new engine api, Wei Yan
  • [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 118984--Background image set as inline style in text item doesn't work in pdf generated through BIRT PDF Emitter., Gang Liu
  • [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 118987--Set font to songti(Chinese) as inline style of text item but Chinese doesn't display in pdf file genrated through BIRT PDF Emitter, Gang Liu
  • [birt-dev] BIRT Daily Build Status Report (20051205-2), Sue Lee
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 104192 and 110566, Xudong Ma
  • [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug --- Fix bugs in table content loading, Wei Yan
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: Refactor package name to following eclipse naming convention., Qiangsheng Wang
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: Refactoring Report Document implementation and code of DtE, Jianqiang Luo
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: Bugzilla Bug 119219 Put the template publish to the template folder, system throws exception, Qiangsheng Wang
  • [birt-dev] Checkin: Bugzilla Bug 119215 New library inon is lost, Qiangsheng Wang
  • [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug --- 119124 Something wrong with page number, Wei Yan
  • [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bugs: 117291, 117626 :Background properties in Master Page aren't supported in BIRT PDF emitter., Gang Liu

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