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Re: [birt-dev] Better Graphics

Hi folks,

Eclipse SWTChart already supports Bar-, Line-, Scatter-, Pie- and Doughnut-Charts:

It offers support to export to various formats like *.png, *.svg, ... .
Please let me know, if that could be an option to address the graphics topic.


On 01.03.23 13:35, Henning von Bargen wrote:
I think any discussion about this should take place on GitHub.
My 2ct on this topic are:
- The chart engine must use an open-source library with a compatible license.
- That library must be written in Java.
- The generated report must work without accessing any additional resources.
- There are other output formats than just HTML. Since e.g. MS Word doesn't support SVG, this means the charting library must be able to generate SVG or bitmap image output. In case of the PDF emitter, the SVG image can be converted to PDF vector instructions by Apache Batik, which is already included.

Are we sure that all this doesn't work already?
I'm not using BIRT charts personally, but what's the use of the "enable SVG charts" setting?

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