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Re: [birt-dev] Release Review

How about something like:

BIRT is back again!
The goal of this release is to make BIRT run with newer versions of Java (requires Java 11) and library dependencies. Besides, some long outstanding bugs have been fixed.

New features are beyond the scope of this release, but thanks to this general overhaul it is much easier to fix bugs and add new features in future releases.

Your help is welcome, see (link) for more info how you can help.
Maybe the wording needs some polishing by a native English speaker.
BTW has someone tested PDF generation with Java 17? I am only testing with Java 11.

Best regards

Am 31. Januar 2022 16:22:59 schrieb "Loetz, Christophe" <ChLoetz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hi Wim,


do you have any message, that I could publish on our Internet pages?




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