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Re: [birt-dev] Large change pending

Hi Wim,

I tried to go through them. Please see my comments in github.


10/29/2021 5:34 PM, Wim Jongman пишет:

I finally finished the releng fix for BIRT 4.9. This is a major update to move BIRT forward.

Even though there remain two issues, I would like to commit this and get it off my back.

The two issues remaining are:

1 There are 6 test failures
2. The webviewer does not start

I think these are easy to fix and I would like to address them after this commit.

If you have the energy, you can review the 435 changed files here:

They are 99% releng and configuration changes.




How to import BIRT code into eclipse #628

- Forbidden references
  should not be a warning but an error.
- ReportLauncherUtils failed to compile with internal API
- Jetty Upgrade
  Moved to Jetty 10.0.6
- Lucene Upgrade
- Removed shady references from the updatesite pom
- BIRT Target
  Moved the birt target platform to the latest plugin
  Fixed the build to use the target platform
  Pull references from Maven Central when not in Orbit
- Moved debug.ui to Java11
- Apache fop
  Upgrade fop to 2.6 in chart.device.pdf
  Added fop to target platform instead of fat jar
- Removed version constrains in features
- Added projectSet.psf for easy import
- Added preferences for engine.odf and engine.odp, and many others
- Fixed JVM memory size in products
- Fixed build so that it uses a target platform
- Merged with new master
- Moved to Tycho 2.5.0
- Fixed update site to add
  correct javax.servlet api
- Added a birt launch config in birt target project
- Upgraded maven-jar-plugin version
- Fixed the target to include batik
- Switched from bundle to package deps for batik
- Fixed javadoc generation
- Fixed pom warnings

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