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Re: [birt-dev] Future of BIRT


I apologize for the delay in response, I am transitioning to a new role and didn't get a chance to respond until now. 

The short term goal for the release is to address several of the security concerns. This is to get several things that have been woefully outdated up to date.

With that said, let me address the elephant in the room. The BIRT project saw some major changes in stewardship over the past few years. The long and short of it is the former corporate sponsor was bought out by another company, and they didn't have the same commitment to open source. So the Eclipse board stepped in a restarted the project.

With that said, yes, organizations can still rely on BIRT. In fact, the former steward still uses it as the core for their commercial BI product. 

Going forward we have a new website launch planned. I will be releasing several new emitters, ODA's, and plug-ins I have had sitting in my vault and are waiting for release. So things that have been desperately needing to be added to the like an XML and a JSON emitter, updating the MongoDB ODA to work with Atlas, and a few other enhancements. I also have an exciting new plug-in called the BDSL (BIRT Domain Specific Language, unless we can come up with a more clever name) that is basically a way to dynamically generate BIRT reports using a SQL-like language. 

The idea is I want to turn these over to the community and get them fully developed and polished. The idea being to encourage the community to get more involved and become committers, and show the project isn't dead. I will be working with Scott and Wim to come up with ideas on how to encourage the community to get more involved. In fact, we have added a few new committers to the project since the reset, and they have been instrumental in implementing several of the mentioned fixes. Put we will be putting out a call for committers shortly (in fact, if you'd like to contribute or know anyone....)



On 2021-09-30 09:19, Michael Greenman via birt-dev wrote:

I saw that after 2 years of no new development, there is a pending Minor Release (4.9.0) that has been pending since June. Is the intention to keep this plug-in updated to stay current with security compliance requirements or is this just a short-term fix? More specifically, can organizations rely on continuing updates or is BIRT fading off into the sunset?


Thank you!






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