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[birt-dev] Help with BIRT Reporting


I would like some help with BIRT reporting v 2.5.1. I've been searching and trying to get help from the community without any luck...Is there someone I could talk to, to help me with my problem?

I've set up a complete report and when I want to preview this in web viewer, the page footer is in the middle of the page. Also, if i try to print the report, it will be right after the content instead of in the bottom. It seems to be floating. I can't find how to adjust this setting.
Expected result:
Page footer displays at the end of the report.
Actual result:
Page footer displayed in the middle of the report right after the last content.

Note - When exporting the report to a PDF and print it from there, the page footer is at the bottom. this Only happens in web viewer/html.




Nikolai Elders

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