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Re: [birt-dev] Build Infrastructure

See comments below...

Alexander Fedorov <alexander.fedorov@xxxxxxxxxx> schrieb am Do., 4. März 2021, 09:19:
Hi Alexander,

I suggest to use GitHub Actions to validate PRs prior to the merge and to use JIPP to produce signed consumable binaries (integration, stable, releases). That means two distinct build processes, yes. Since both of them will rely on Maven build the duplication will be minimal.

Thanks for the clarification, sounds reasonable 🙂.

I just submitted PR [1] that enables GitHub Actions for BIRT it was triggered on the fork, but was not triggered for the eclipse/birt repository, perhaps GitHub Actions needs to be activated in repository settings.
Thank you for your review effort.

As for points you enumerated I believe they are all actual and I would start from "make the tests pass" since it will give more confidence for all the rest of changes.
So, it means to switch from "mvn package" to "mvn verify" and start enabling tests. I suggest to start this after we will have GitHub Actions checks active for eclipse/birt.

I already got the tests of the model and core plugins fixed. I will reopen the associated pull requests now.



04.03.2021 10:22, Alexander Lehmann пишет:
Hi Scott,

You're right, a green build is not the end of the flagpole (as we germans say 😄), but should be prio-1. Currently the build fails because it runs on Java 11.

I just looked into GitHub Actions and the BIRT JIPP. Seems I misunderstood how they work together (they don't). If we stay on JIPP for building we might need this to integrate with GitHub:
@Wim since you mentioned GitHub Actions: Did you suggest running two distinct build processes, one on JIPP and one on github? Shouldn't we stick to either?

I'm not that familiar with Eclipse plugin development, so I might need to refine my ideas in the process (or someone can correct me right away 😉), but these would be my follow-up ideas to get to a more "mainstream" build process:

* bump tycho to the newest version
* move to a pom-less tycho build?
* use a target platform definition file with tycho, which can be loaded into the IDE as well -> makes IDE and maven build consistent
* replace all hard-linked libs (lib folders) with their orbit-equivalents (we might need to put some libs into orbit by ourselves)
* get rid of the ant scripts where possible
* make sense of the packaging scripts and fix/replace them (the non-equinox package is broken since a long time, hard-linked libs might be the main reason)
* make the tests pass

How to go on from here? I would open issues for those points in github and create/reopen pull requests which address them. Detailed discussion then in github?

Best regards

Scott Rosenbaum <scottr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb am Do., 4. März 2021, 00:15:

Green builds would be great, but more than that my hope is that the build makes sense to someone that is familiar with other Eclipse projects. 

My sense is that BIRT started a long time ago, before many of the CI tools and version control systems were in place. As the project has moved forward, BIRT has picked up some of these features, but in many cases the BIRT created workarounds rather than embraced the new technology. So if what we do is fix it to work in a non-standard way, that's a step, but really we want to get rid of any idiosyncrasies that are unique to BIRT. 

So yes Green Builds from GitHub,
- but also easy to build locally
- follows best practices
- makes sense to someone new to the project
- easy to pick up and join the team
- easy uptake by people using the project (e.g. Maven)

I know that is not going to happen overnight, but I am really encouraged by a bit of progress after almost 2 years of nothing.

On Wed, Mar 3, 2021 at 4:08 PM Alexander Lehmann <a.lehm@xxxxxx> wrote:

So if I understood correctly, we're going forward with the Eclipse CI infrastructure [1] (it has the credentials needed to push to and verify pull requests via GitHub Actions. I'll look into it the next few days, opinions and experience appreciated. Goal: a green build triggered by GitHub 😃.

Best regards

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