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Re: [birt-dev] Build Infrastructure

We have just switched from Travis CI to GitHub Actions.

I suggest the following order of the releng work in the format
"immediate work
        => async work":
1) enable tests in the pipeline =>
        move tests that we cannot fix to another profile to work on them async
2) switch to .target file => 
        write down tasks to clean-up all the duplications from Orbit/SimRel to work on them async
3) prepare to SimRel (profile for packaging and signing, source features, etc) =>
        write down tasks to improve build manifests like tycho upgrade and pomless build

After having this done we will be ready for being packaged, signed and deployed to download area by JIPP with relatively small effort.



04.03.2021 13:44, Wim Jongman пишет:

I just looked into GitHub Actions and the BIRT JIPP. Seems I misunderstood how they work together (they don't). If we stay on JIPP for building we might need this to integrate with GitHub:

@Wim since you mentioned GitHub Actions: Did you suggest running two distinct build processes, one on JIPP and one on github? Shouldn't we stick to either?


Not distinct build processes but different engines running the same build. In the end, all it should take is


  mvn clean verify


to build. Whether this is local or Actions or Jenkins, it should not matter.


* move to a pom-less tycho build?

Pom-less depends on the shape of the repository. Sometimes pom-less can be confusing. I’m not against it but we should see what is the best fit for the repo.


* use a target platform definition file with tycho, which can be loaded into the IDE as well -> makes IDE and maven build consistent

Yes. The main build should work with the “latest” repositories for Platform, the release train, and Orbit.


How to go on from here? I would open issues for those points in github and create/reopen pull requests which address them.



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