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Re: [birt-dev] Discarding the backlog


just small addition to the message
"...then please re-open the case on GitHub with a reference to the original bugzilla record"


03.03.2021 13:00, Wim Jongman пишет:

Hi All,


Following up on Wayne’s recommendation [1], I suggest closing all open Bugzilla bugs with the following message:


“The BIRT project has rebooted. As a part of the clean-up, we are closing all bugs in Bugzilla. If this bug is still an issue for you, then please re-open the case on GitHub.“








Wayne said this:


My strong recommendation to the rebooted project team is that they discard the current bug backlog. Specifically, my strong recommendation is that they ask the Eclipse Webmaster to close all existing open bug reports against the project in the Eclipse Bugzilla instance and remove the BIRT product. Moving forward I recommend that the project team use GitHub issues (I further recommend that they aggressively prune open GitHub issues as well). The backlog is very large and my feeling is that any attempt to consolidate it against the current state of the project will require more effort than value.




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