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Re: [birt-dev] Birt demo not available

Dear BIRT Devs,

We have received an email pointing out that this demo no longer works:Âhttp://demo.actuate.com/demos/EclipseDemo/EclipseDemo.html

Can anyone help?


Roxanne Joncas
Marketing Specialist
Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 10:51 AM, David Clesse <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

(since I didn't find a matching email address, i send it here)
For info, it seems that the Birt's demo site is down :

Best regards,
David Clesse

David Clesse - GÃrant
2 rue d'Arlon, 8399 Windhof, Luxembourg
(+352) 671 318 468 - (+352) 311 889 32