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Re: [birt-dev] Maven artifacts for BIRT Runtime 4.7

Hi Zorawar,

never heard of a Maven repository with BIRT published on,  I usually build from scratches and in your case the only branch with 4.7.0 that I found was master


I was hoping to find an Oxygen repo in here https://github.com/eclipse/birt/branches/all but I couldnât, Iâm building the 4.6.0 from https://github.com/eclipse/birt/tree/4.6.1RC4 I just donât remember if https://github.com/eclipse/birt/tree/Neon is outputting a 4.7.0, give it a shot


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Subject: [birt-dev] Maven artifacts for BIRT Runtime 4.7




Is there a maven repository from which one can get BIRT runtime 4.7 snapshots?