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[birt-dev] Activity on BIRT channels

Hello BIRT Committers,

The BIRT channels have very less activity from committers. This and the PMC mailing list is very silent. There does not seem to be any activity/discussion regarding BIRT features and releases here. Also the Eclipse BIRT forum has questions from BIRT users unanswered. That is troubling.

Today, the BIRT exchange community site, http://developer.actuate.com/community, is also not accessible.

I understand it is an open source project, and the committers are contributing in their free time.
But no activity and no discussion on the dev list is unsettling.

As a BIRT user and someone who likes the BIRT project I am really interested to know what is the plan for the project for upcoming releases.
It would also be good to know which areas of the project require help so that contributors can get involved.

Another thing that I think is important is that where should BIRT users go to ask questions? I have seen the same questions asked in both the BIRT exchange community forum and Eclipse BIRT forum.

It would be great if the current BIRT lead or the committers can say more.

Best regards,