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[birt-dev] Tooltips in BIRT charts


it is possible to use tooltips in BIRTÂcharts?

I have found some piece of code for this stuff inÂ[1],
but it does not work on my machine, on a SWT canvas.

Have a look on my test codeÂplease (see attachment).
I want to render my chart on a SWTÂcanvas (like in [2]). Â
But I get no tooltips (see in class TooltipsBirt.java).

Can someone help me? Maybe it is a SWT problem?


[1] http://eclipsesrc.appspot.com/jsrcs/org.eclipse.birt.chart.examples/src/org/eclipse/birt/chart/examples/api/interactivity/InteractivityCharts.java.html
[2] https://wiki.eclipse.org/BIRT/FAQ/Charts2.2#How_do_I_render_a_chart_on_an_SWT_Canvas.3F

Attachment: TooltipsBirt.java
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