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[birt-dev] HTML Numbered-Lists in PDF in PDF Render

Hello All,

I work for a company that uses the BIRT Framework to allow customers to configure custom layouts, which then generate custom PDFs for any of the data that is in our system.  We are currently using BIRT version 4.2.2, and found a bug regarding HTML numbered lists.  Our version of BIRT has multiple patches to tie in with our data structure, so I installed a generic copy of 4.2.2 and was able to reproduce the issue.  The issue I’m referring to is that HTML numbered lists simply don’t work when the final document is a PDF.  This can be replicated by going directly to a PDF or by going to the Web Viewer and Exporting the Report to a PDF.

For my testing, I installed a generic version of BIRT 4.2.2 on eclipse Junos 4.2.2. I then attempted to view the attached rptdesign file as a pdf and the output generated from that is the attached document 422.pdf.  I also installed the newest version of BIRT 4.4.1 on eclipse Luna 4.4.1 and was pleasantly surprised to see that this issue has been resolved.  The output generated from the newest version is in the attached document 441.pdf.

This is great news that it is fix, but due the the patches we have already applied to our BIRT code, upgrading is a painful process.  I would really like to attempt to reverse patch the correction to our version of 4.2.2, but have not been able to find the git revision that fixed this.  I have spent most of my day searching bugzilla for the revision, to no avail.  Can anyone point me in the proper direction or provide me with the changelist?  Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance,
Adam Lock

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Description: 422.pdf

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