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Re: [birt-dev] Please check out stable build <20140311-1438> and response if it can be released as BIRT 4.4M6 Build

Hi all!

I am Stardust commiter and responsible for the M6 build. Stardust has a dependency to BIRT. As we are on +3 we needed to build today germany time. But unfortunately only BIRT update site zip was available. But we need also the BIRT Runtime zip during build time.

As it was not available in time (I am sure it will be now) we had to build with Kepler dependency.

Is there a reason why BIRT does provide artifacts that late? As far as I know BIRT is +2 which means that all should be completely available for +3 projects.

Maybe we are doing something wrong and looked at the wrong location.

Could you please clarify?

Thanks in advance,


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Betreff: [birt-dev] Please check out stable build <20140311-1438> and response if it can be released as BIRT 4.4M6 Build

Fellow BIRT committers, 

Thanks for your great effort.


4.4.0 Stable build <20140311-1438> has passed smoke tests, regression tests and acceptance tests. Project leads and PMC members please check out the stable build and response if it can be released as the BIRT 4.4M6 Milestone Build.


Stable Build <20140311-1438> can be downloaded from the BIRT download page: