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RE: [birt-dev] Can we include BIRT runtime with Apache OFBiz.



Could you please rephrase and redirect these questions to license@xxxxxxxxxxx. That is where licensing questions get answered.




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The concern on the EPL licensed code is :
under the EPL license it is allowed to re-distribute small amounts of
source like _javascript_ and jsp's when it is unlikely it is changed.
In Birt there is an entire _javascript_ library (30+ files) which could
not be  considered a "small amount of source" even if it is unlikely to
be changed in anyway.
that is why we ask specifically from you guys the approval to include
the runtime in Apache OFBiz.
Hans Bakker.
On Sun, 2009-11-29 at 23:05 -0800, Wenfeng Li wrote:
> Hans
> What is the concern about EPL licensed source code?
> br,
> Wenfeng Li
> Eclipse BIRT Project PMC
> Actuate Corporation 
> ________________________________
> From: birt-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Hans Bakker
> Sent: Sun 11/29/2009 11:01 PM
> To: For developers on the BIRT project
> Subject: Re: [birt-dev] Can we include BIRT runtime with Apache OFBiz.
> The concern of the message below are license concerns.
> one of our committers found that:
> >> I checked out the branch and had a look, I see a large number of 
> >> _javascript_ and jsp source files that are EPL licensed and I'm 
> >> pretty sure that we cannot include them.
> >>
> >> Additionally and this one is a little more obscure and I could 
> >> quite possibly be wrong but the dteapi.jar file contains a 
> >> javax.olap package and the only reference I can find to that 
> >> package is jsr-69 (  According 
> >> to that page the jsr never reached Final Release and the Proposed 
> >> Final Draft was licensed under an evaluation license.  Birt has 
> >> written the source code for the interfaces defined by the 
> >> specification themselves and licensed it as EPL but I have know 
> >> idea whether they were legally allowed to do that.
> could you please clarify these concerns?
> Thanks in advance,
> Regards,
> Hans Bakker, Apache OFBiz committer.
> On Mon, 2009-11-30 at 09:52 +0700, Chatree Srichart wrote:
> > We would like to ask for approval of the inclusion of the BIRT runtime
> > with Apache OFBiz because we have concerns in the ofbiz community of
> > we can include the runtime.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Chatree Srichart


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