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[birt-dev] Memory usage ballons.

Hello all, I've been looking through bugzilla and the mail archives
but could not find a clear answer to my problem. One of our developers
few months back installed 2.5.0 and migrated all our BIRT reports to
this version. Everything else on the server stayed the same. Ever
since installing this newer version of BIRT memory seems to ballon up,
within few days, to 100% and tomcat will stop working.

Memory usage is at 50% right now, we have 4G on this machine, but will
ballon up to 100% percent within a few days. Can't figure out what
would cause memory consumption to be so high besides perhaps memory
not being freed after use.

Anyone on here come across a similar problem? All replies are greatly

My tomcat -Xms256m -Xmx768m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m flags just in case
they have some impact to memory consumption.

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