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RE: [birt-dev] Drop Down Column in Excel report using BIRT

There is no such capability for controlling the Excel output from BIRT to this extent.  However, if you are looking at automating the creation of highly functional native Excel spreadsheets, you might want to take a look at Actuate's BIRT Spreadsheet product. It's a commercial product that is focused exactly on this type of problem.
You can get more information here:, and download a free Designer product from here:

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Sent: Friday, November 06, 2009 3:01 AM
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Subject: [birt-dev] Drop Down Column in Excel report using BIRT

Hi Folks,
Have a great day..
I need your help with regard to creating a drop-down column in Excel report.
I want to create a drop down only for Excel which should contain the pre-defined values like "Yes" or "No". The user should be able to select any one of these values.
Is there any option to bring this Excel feature in Excel reports generated by BIRT?
Kindly contact me if you did not understood the problem.
Awaiting your favorable responses.
Best Regards,

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