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Re: 答复: [birt-dev] Contributing code changes back to the BIRT project

Hi Jason,

Thank you for your reply on the BIRT newsgroup. I have been carrying on a conversation with Wenfeng and Gary about this and would like to welcome you to the discussions if you would like to participate. You will find the thread of the conversation below along with some background material I prepared. The next step is that we were are going to organise a remote whiteboard session to explore the idea.

I found the information that you pointed me to very informative, thank you. Btw, one hurdle is already achieve as I am an Eclipse committer. I am co-lead on a new Eclipse Technology project ORMF, the project is now being provisioned, but if you are curious you can see the proposal here.

I look forward to working with you and the BIRT team.

All the best,
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On 2008-07-11 18:00:58 +0200, Jason Weathersby <jasonweathersby@xxxxxxxxxx> said:

> Joel,
> The contribution page is here:
> Since this would be significant amount of work, the first step is to submit a proposal to the BIRT PMC.  You can send me an email if you would like to discuss this process.
> Jason


I have cleaned up our internal requirements document to make it suitable for general distribution. The first section is general background into the existing solution and is only of interest to the extent that it provides a perspective and context for the extensions that are being developed. The second section specifies, in quite basic terms, what we wish to achieve.

I hope this information is useful to set the backdrop for further explorations and conversations.

Any questions, please let me know. 


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On 11 Jul 2008, at 09:00, Joel Rosi-Schwartz wrote:

Gary, Wenfeng,

Thank you both for your replies. [Gary - I am extending this conversation's circulation, I hope that is okay for you]

I am overjoyed by your response. I can participate in a whiteboard session at your pleasure. Please feel free to line up the participants on your side as is convenient for yourselves and I will work around that. I have not had the time yet to play with the ECF but possibly we can use if here. If not what do you suggest.

Gary I will prepare a more complete description of the requirements and use cases for distribution before hand.

All the best,

On 11 Jul 2008, at 07:03, Wenfeng Li wrote:
Hi, Joel
Is the extension some kind of desktop viewer of BIRT report that also allow write back to databases?   I am interested in learning more about this feature/project.   

On 10 Jul 2008, at 23:11, Gary Xue wrote:

Joel et al,
This sounds like a great application to be built on top of BIRT, and I am very interested to discuss this with you in more detail. The BIRT project is in fact actively seeking more community involvement in development, and we will be thrilled if this project can materialize into contributions to the open source code base.
The core BIRT platform and its data access layer currently lack the ability to update the data source since it is reporting-oriented. However there are a number of event handling APIs and extension points that can be exploited to make this happen. And we are certainly open to introducing new extension points to facilitate bidirectional data flow in a reporting application.
I think the next step is for us to have a few remote whiteboard sessions, so the BIRT team can learn more about the use cases, and to give you an overview of the relevant extension frameworks currently in place.

From: Joel Rosi-Schwartz [mailto:Joel.Rosi-Schwartz@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 2:29 AM
To: Gary Xue
Cc: Ulrich Obst; Dennis Schladebeck
Subject: Contributing code changes back to the BIRT project
Hi Gary,
I am working on a commercial project for Bredex who are also Foundation members. Ulli (General Manager) and Dennis (software engineer) are participating on the project and I have copied them on this email.
Bredex has provided their client with custom BIRT reporting system. This is a standalone system based on the BIRT runtime engine. The reporting is triggered from within an existing client application or from the command line. BIRT is not deployed to a J2EE web server and nor does the client wish to introduce a web server into their architecture.
Now the client would like extensions to this system that will enable the following:
  1. preview the report
  2. in the preview make alterations to data in fields, tables and possibly (but this is not a hard requirement) in charts/graphs
  3. save the data back to the server (but not commit to the database yet) and refresh the report
  4. commit back to the database or abandon the changes
While I am exploring ways to avoid making changes to the BIRT code base, I have a doubt that we will be able to achieve our requirements without doing so. In any case it is certainly going to be easier to achieve by alteration of BIRT code.
We think that the work we are doing could be useful for other BIRT users and Bredex would like to contribute these enhancements back to the Foundation. Do you think that the BIRT project would be interested in discussing this? If so who would be the best person to open a dialogue with?
All the best,

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