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[birt-dev] Problems with Report Designer


i designed my own ODA Driver for an new data source within BIRT. Therefor i
also had to change some things in the Report Designer. All was okay so far,
because i had an example, which was very similar to my project. Now i am
stuck somewhere between designing a report and defining the data set. When i
want to define a new data set, i can not end the action. All is working
fine, i choose the data source, send the query, choose the data and organize
it in columns, which i want to work with later. Than, i click on "finish",
and birt gives the overview-page, where i can see all pages again, i edited
for this data set. The first thing, i see is, that he doesn't update the
title on the PropertyPage i added. As i said, i had an example, which was
very similar to my project, i just had to add a new page for selecting the
Data Source explicitly. At the overview, which comes, when you defined your
data set and clicked on finish in the wizard, the title of this page seams
not to appear. But this is not the problem, i think i just have to search
long enough to solve this. My problem is, that the "ok"-button and the
"cancel"-button do nothing anymore, so i am not able to go on or back again.
Can anyone tell me, where i have to look. I must have missing something when
i was editing the example for my means. But what?
Would be nice, if someone wants to discuss this here.

Thanxs in advance,

Jonas Bassl

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