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[birt-dev] [CheckIn] fixed the bug 209600 and 206092

- Summary:
    fixed the bug 209600 DateTime format in XLS is not consistent with that in HTML [1203]
    fixed the bug 206092 Excel doesn't render well a custom datetime format yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm awhen  review    in DOC [0004]
-  Bugzilla Bug(s) Resolved: 
    209600 , 206092
-  Description:  
   The default date format was changed as "mmm d yyyy hh:mm AM/PM" in excel emitter, Now the DateTime format are the same in HTML and XLS.
   The part of pattern letters of SimpleDateFormat  is not support in excel. So when export to excel ,these pattern letters will be replaced.
-  Test Description:  
   Manual Test.
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