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[birt-dev] Checkin Request: The 3 bugs for RC4.

If you agree, please add comments for them, thanks. :)

From: Xiong Zhang
Sent: 2007年6月15日 星期五 14:58 Frank
To: 'birt-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: Checkin Request: The 3 bugs for RC4.

Hi, Birt Leads,
Before changing the 3 bugs' milestone to RC4, I need your approvals.
191202:Can not paste the styles when select the Styles in outline
191882:No error indication when reload non-existed css file.[00]
192366:[Acceptance]Chart name isn't refreshed when undo action is done[00]
All the 3 bugs are minor and easy to fix, if you agree to set to RC4, please add comments for each bug:
Yes, I agree to set to RC4.
Please click the following links to add comments.

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