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[birt-dev] 2.2.0 Branch is ready now!

Hi Teams,


Branch for 2.2.0 release is ready now. Please check out ‘BIRT_2_2_0_Branch’ in CVS branch. It’s based on BIRT 2.2RC3 tag.


In later weeks toward BIRT 2.2.0 release, please check-in all your RC4 fixes into both HEAD and branch ‘BIRT_2_2_0_Branch’.

If you like to check in 2.2.1 fixes, only HEAD need to be checked in.


Furthermore, after you check-in RC4 codes, please tag your plugin in 2.2.0 branch and update org.eclipse.birt.releng/maps in BIRT_2_2_0_Branch.

Daily build generates RC4 build from map files in BIRT_2_2_0_Branch next week toward RC4.

Rolling build will run from HEAD version to ensure no compile error in HEAD version.



If you have any problems, please let me know! Thanks!



Xiaoying Gu

Actuate Software Shanghai Center

Tel: (86)21-58826388
Fax: (86)21-58826002



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