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[birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix bugzilla bug 190735&191447

- Summary:
Fix bugzilla bug 190735&191447

- Bugzilla Bug (s) Resolved:
190735[Regression]The parameter of dataset will disappeared after reopen the dataset

191447Repreview the Output Parameters in storedprocedure dataset will lead the exception

- Description:

Bug 190735: To update datasetHandle’s parameter with oda.datasetdesign, we cannot use ModelOdaAdapter’s updateDataSetHandle( datasetHandle,odaDesignSession), since when we leave parameter page, we will start a new design session , it will cause the lost of parameter definition in model adapter. Revert it into original call Fix it now!

Bug 191447: The reason is same with 190735, it will lose some parameter definition if we use modelOdaAdapter’s latest algorithm.

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