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Re: Where is BIRT development discussed ??? Re: [birt-dev] Requestforpatch review for Bugzilla 176874

Paul Clenahan wrote:

We will go ahead and add more information to the project pages to
explain the process. Watch this space. Well, actually, watch this space:

Great, I'll look out for it.

As a note on the Bugzilla based process, you should be aware that it is
easy to add yourself as an "interested party" for a particular Bugzilla
entry. This is how we keep track of discussions. To do this, add your
email address to the CC: field for a Bugzilla entry. You will then be
emailed anytime that Bugzilla entry is changed.

So it's an opt-in system. If anyone wants to keep an eye on all discussion then they have to add themselves to every bug? Or is there another easier way?

Is there a way to watch for new issues, I couldn't see any way to do this through the birt bugzilla?


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