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RE: [birt-dev] API change request

If the user defines “class” in the extension, the engine will creates the extension instance to create the query for that extended item.


If the “class” is null, report engine will create the query for the extended item. Report engine create query for the extended item as:


1. If there is a dataset defined in the extended item, the report engine creates a query for it.


2. If there is no dataset defined in the extended item, the extended item shares the data defined in the container item.  There are two kinds of sharing mode: a. use all the data defined in the container, as list or table.

b. use only the current row defined in the container, as data item.

The “isListing” defines this sharing mode. For example, if a extended item exists in a group footer, if the “isListing” is true, the extended item will receive the row set which contains all the rows in the group. If the “isListing” is false, the extened item will receive a row set which only contains the last row in the row set.




-Wei Yan


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Hi all,


For fix bug 177504, engine need to add new attribute isListing for reportItem in reportitemQuery.exsd.

The data type is boolean. True, means the extended item want use the current result set as and engine will create a subQuery for it. False, means the extended item do not want engine create subQuery for it and it will process query by itself.

Default value is false.


And how about the attribute name?




- Wei Zhao(Shanghai)


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