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Re: [birt-dev] Request for patch review for Bugzilla 176874

Scott Rosenbaum wrote:

The Eclipse Foundation sets the bar fairly high in terms of adding code to
the product.  The code has to be Eclipse worthy on the basics, the code
runs, we have appropriate tests, maintains API's, etc.  There are also
additional rules in terms of the code has to be submitted through
appropriate channels, it has to meet the intellectual property requirements,

That sounds great, I agree reviewing code is great. It was just the use of "we" in "we are reviewing" implied to me that there was some group of people somewhere having a discussion about it. Since this is open source I'd assumed that the discussion was happening on some open mail list and since it wasn't happening on birt-dev (which seemed the logical place) I wondered where it was happening.

We really appreciate your contribution, we just need to do a bit more work
before we can throw it into our platform.

Thanks for the contribution,

Actually it wasn't my contribution, it was from Deepa Remesh, I was just confused by the reply.


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