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Re: [birt-dev] Daily build <20070110-0630> is ready to be voted as BIRT2.2.0 M4 Build

I did not see anything on the BIRT web site or on the wiki (if I missed it can you point me to the URL?) about where votes for a release occur.  I looked at the birt-pmc archives, and did not notice any call for votes on this.
Can you explain how this occurs?  I think this would be helpful for community members to know how these votes occur, and this information would be good to have on the BIRT web site.
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From: Rima Kanguri <rkanguri@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: birt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 7:03:10 PM
Subject: [birt-dev] Daily build <20070110-0630> is ready to be voted as BIRT2.2.0 M4 Build

Fellow BIRT committers,


Thanks for your great effort. Daily build <20070110-0630> has passed smoke tests. Project leads and PMC members please check out the daily build and response if it can be released as the BIRT 2.2.0M4 Build.

Build <20070110-0630> can be downloaded from the BIRT download page:




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