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[birt-dev] how to access inner table data?

Hi, folks,

Please answer my following question. I posted it to newsgroup, the answer is impossible.

But I don’t believe it because it works in Actuate version 5. in Actuate version, I just simply call sum ( an element id of acres ) .

But I can’t do it in Birt. Please help me out.  


The question is :
I have a table1 and table2.
table2 is nested in detail of table1.
in table2, report shows all acres for different section.

for example:

section1 : 1e                              acres:   30.0
section2:  2 w                            acres:  45.0

I want to show total acres in footer of table1. but I tried to added a
binding for acres in _expression_ builder, there is no available data set for
inner table2. How to solve this issue? Thank you!


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