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[birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix 167384 -- Errors show up when add a Stored Procedure data set.


Fix 167384 --Errors show up when add a Stored Procedure data set.

- Bugzilla Bug (s) Resolved: 167384

- Description:

 Remove DataSetResultSetValidator in oda-data-set and Joint-data-set since Model can not justify whether a data-set needs a result-set column or not, which is determined by the run-time information not design time.

- Tests Description:

 Unit/Manual test
- Notes to Build Team: None

- Notes to Developers: None

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- Notes to Documentation: None

- Files Added:

- Files Edited:


    /cvsroot/birt/source/,v  <--  src/org/eclipse/birt/report/model/elements/rom.def

    new revision: 1.269; previous revision: 1.268

    /cvsroot/birt/source/,v  <--  src/org/eclipse/birt/report/model/api/validators/

    new revision: 1.6; previous revision: 1.5


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