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[birt-dev] tagging your plugin for integration and milestone builds



So far, our integration and milestone builds have been always pulling the HEAD version from CVS for all source codes. 


Other Eclipse projects, such as the platform and web tools project have taken a different approach that the owners of plugins need to tag the changed plugins AND put those tags in the build map file to let the build process pick up the new code.  The advantage is that the plugin's owner can decide which version of the source code to be included in the integration/milestone builds.


Starting with the next integration build and milestone build, we would like to follow this approach...


Xiaoying has created a set of map files n org.eclipse.birt.releng for each team to put in the tags.  Please check them out to find your plugins.    If any of your plugins is missing, please add it to the corresponding map file.  Eclipse's tag naming convention is vYYYYMMDD (e.g. v20061210).  Such a tag will enable the build process to generate plugin timestamps that is easy to remember.


For example, if we are going to have integration build this weekend on 12/10/2006 and engine team  have changes in birt.core plugin since last integration build, the core plugin's owner need to do following:

1)       Tag the org.eclipse.birt.core plugin with name "v20061210"

2)       update the birt.core entry in in HEAD version:




 The build process will pick up org.eclipse.birt.core from tag v20061210 and skip those with tag v20061102.


The build team will also send out an email to birt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx  the day before I-build and M-builds starts as reminder to tag the plugins you would like to include in those builds. 




Wenfeng Li

Eclipse BIRT Project PMC

Actuate Corporation, Engineering

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