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RE: [birt-dev] Minor comments on BIRT 2.2 Development Plan


Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback on the development plan
for BIRT 2.2.

On the Derby issue, we will update the plan accordingly (and will
investigate updating the Derby version used in BIRT as well, based on
the email from Sunitha).

Regarding the Java statement, this is referring to the fact that BIRT is
entirely implemented using Java and should therefore be deployable into
any Java environment. The fact that you can script within BIRT using
JavaScript does not affect how BIRT is implemented. As a side note, we
use the Mozilla Rhino engine for the JavaScript in BIRT. Rhino is also
implemented using Java.


Paul Clenahan

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Looking at the BIRT 2.2 Project Plan
( I
believe there is a minor error, and also wanted to mention something
that might not be entirely accurate.

Under this section, BIRT JDBC Reference Platforms, Derby V5.1 JDBC
driver is listed.  The derby.jar file included with BIRT under
eclipse\plugins\org.apache.derby.core_10.1.2.1 is version, not
version 5.1.

Also, regarding this statement under the section, Target Operating

Most of Eclipse, and all of BIRT, is "pure" Java(tm) code and has no
direct dependence on the underlying operating system. 

Is this entirely accurate, given that BIRT contains JavaScript?



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