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[birt-dev] CheckIn: Bugzilla Bug 160140 [Regression]Error happens while preview the sample report in PDF

- Summary:

Fixed bugs in DocumentUtil when serializes charts. When serializing an extended item like chart, the extension name must be set before any other property. Otherwise, Chart defined properties may be lost in rptdocument.

- Bugzilla Bug (s) Resolved:

- Description:
1. fixed the algorithm in ReportDesignSerializer.
2. added codes to check whether a property is in CDATA in ContentNode.
3. updated test cases.

- Tests Description:

JUnit test

- Files Edited:

"/" "/" "/" "/"


- Files Added:

"/" "/"


- Files Deleted:

- Notes to Build Team:

- Notes to Developers:

- Notes to QA:

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Rick Lu


Actuate Software Shanghai Center

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