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[birt-dev]CheckIn: report engine performance optimize

Title: [birt-dev]CheckIn: report engine performance optimize

- Summary:
        increase the perforamnce of report engine.
- Bugzilla Bug (s) Resolved:

- Description:

        1. remove un-necessary prepare in the data engine in render task.
        2. use the rset.getValue() to replace _javascript_ evaluation to get the value of data item.

        It increases the render task performance about 10%.

- Tests Description  :

        Manully test and Unit test

- Notes to Build Team:

        check into both the main branch and 2.1.2

- Notes to Developers:

- Notes to QA:  

- Notes to Documentation:  

- Files Edited:
1. remove un-necessary prepare in data engine

2. use rset.getValue() to repalce the js.evaluate" -l "/"

"/" "/" "/" "/" "/" "/" "/" "/" "/"

- Files Added:

- Files Deleted

-Wei Yan

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