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[birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 132391, 132392, 132496. 133454


Bugzilla Bug (s) Resolved:
Fix Bugzilla Bug 132391 : Complete id information for template items or other items in the active id list.

Fix Bugzilla Bug 132392 : Different template items should be rendered differently by default.

Fix Bugzilla Bug 132496 : Template items should keep consistent style between preview and Layout.

Fix Bugzilla Bug 133454 : Template table/chart items should be centered.



Test Description:
Manu Test
Files Edited:
/                              edit

//reason: Add allowedType to TemplateDesign.


/                       edit

// reason: Get allowedType from TemplateReportItemHandle and set it to TemplateDesign.


/ TemplateExecutor                edit

// reason: Change style for a template obj.


/              edit

// reason: To solve the problem that IE do not support min-height.


/       edit

// reason: Work on active ID list, element type, IID and new size of template element. Make items can be centered.

Files Added:

Notes to Build Team:
Notes to Developers:

Notes to QA:
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Yu Liang

Actuate Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.



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