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[birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix[Bugzilla] 130621:Support hideDetail property on report group in designer

-Summary:Support hideDetail property on report group in designer

- Bugzilla Bug (s) Resolved:130621

- Description:
I've checked in:
1. I set the hideDetail property to false when a group is created;
2. There's no property editor view for GroupHandle(either TableGroupHandle or ListGroupHandle), there's only a new/edit group dialog to edit the property of group, so you can change this value in the dialog.
3. I've communicated with Engine, they told me that they only add this property, with nothing else, but we can't support runtime to hide or show detail without other support.We think if the schematic view can hide or show details depending on the hideDetail value, we need Engine's support.
So the 3th one ,we cann't do it until engine's ready.

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