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[birt-dev] Convert plugins to use and single Jar format

Hi Follows,


Let us convert plugins to use and single Jar format before March 27.


Note that:

n          After you create MANIFEST.MF update the Bundle-Version in it as: Bundle-Version: 2.1.0.qualifier

         “qualifier” is a placeholder, and will be replaced by timestamp in BIRT build.

The Bundle-Version is plugin version.

n          Following eclipse’s convention, please do NOT include runtime jar in single Jar

n         Keep [Jar] target in build script as before, create single Jar in [Export] target and copy single Jar to ${export.dir}


If any issues, don’t hesitate to let me know.




Sue Lee


Actuate Corporation - Shanghai R&D Center

Phone: (86)21-58826388

Email: slee@xxxxxxxxxxx



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