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[birt-dev] CheckIn: performance test suite (stand-alone Java App.)

- Summary:

First Check-in of performance test suite (stand-alone Java App.)

- SCR(s) Resolved:

Bugzilla, # 131866

- Description:

1) Support Multi-threads.

2) No configuration needed; other developers can run it without extra configuration

3) Use sample database in report designs.

4) Fixed sequence of test report designs.

5) Fixed test steps, (Run, Render, RunAndRender).

6) Run on both Windows and Linux platform

7) Finish execution in one day.

8) Generate reports

Render whole report is not considered now, which will be added in future check-in.

- Regression ( Yes/No ):


- Code Owner:

Xiang Li

- Code Reviewers:

Chenzhong Yu

Sissi Zhu

- Tests:

Manual Test (run as Java App.)

- Test Automated (Yes/No, if "No"? then explain why):


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