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[birt-dev] Issue with the Report Designer package

There seems to be an issue that prevents the BIRT users from consuming the Report Designer packages (i.e. birt-report-framework-*.zip file).

I tried downloading and installing all the necessary underlying components (including Eclipse SDK, EMF, GEF, itext-1.3.jar and files) into an Eclipse install directory, and then unzipping the birt-report-framework-*.zip file on top of them. (The build I used were N20060313 and N20060315)  After I kicked off eclipse.exe, I could not find BIRT's Report Design perspective, nor could I create BIRT report project or report since they were unavailable in the New Project/Report wizards.

However, when I tried using the birt-report-designer-all-in-one-*.zip file, I did not see the same problem.

When I compared the 2 configurations, I found the "all-in-one" package had the following 2 plugins which the other ("do-it-yourself") configuration did not have:


Once I copied them into the "do-it-yourself" configuration, the earlier problem went away.

Should the birt-report-framework-*.zip file also include those 2 plugins?  It would seem to make sense from the consumability's perspective.  If this is not the case, what would be the strategy for handling this?

-- Cheng-Yee

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