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[birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix [Bugzilla] 128903:error handling according to eclipse standards

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-Summary:error handling according to eclipse standards

- Bugzilla Bug (s) Resolved:128903

- Description:
1.When adding g a named _expression_ and user property, the error message has updated before, please see bug 126398.
2.When adding a resource file, it showed an error meassge when the Add Dialog is open, I don't think it's consistent with eclipse standard, so I changed it: When the dialog is open, it shows the message:"Please input a name ending with '.proprites'", if the input name not endswith ".properties", and then shows error message.
3. I don't think we should  change Add Resource's error messages on top, the reason is because:
When implementing the "Add new resouce file" Dialog, we used a class inherited from ElementTreeSelectionDialog,and its Status line which shows error messages  is created with OK and Cancel button. The position of Status line has only two choices: The one is above the OK and Cancel button, and the other is at the left. I think Eclipse intends to do it like this.
If you have installed CDT plugin, you can try the following steps to verify my thought:
 (1) File -> New -> Others , choose and unfold C++;
 (2) Choose Source File, click Next, it'll invoke a dialog, New Source File Dialog;
 (3) Click Browser... button,  a dialog will be open. It also uses Class ElementTreeSelectionDialog, and the error message is not at top, either.
Of course, if you still insist on moving the error message to the top, I can the class over again.
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