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[birt-dev] Eclipse BIRT PMC Meeting Minutes - Monday, September 12, 2005

Title: Eclipse BIRT PMC Meeting Minutes - Monday, September 12, 2005

BIRT PMC, 10am Pacific, Monday, September 12, 2005
Wenfeng Li - BIRT PMC Lead - Actuate Corporation (
Paul Clenahan - BIRT PMC - Actuate Corporation (
Scott Rosenbaum - BIRT PMC - Innovent Solutions (
Jason Weathersby - BIRT PMC - Actuate Corporation (
September 4, 2005 Meeting
There was no BIRT PMC meeting on September 4th due to the USA Labor Day public holiday.
BIRT 2.0 Planning
Candidate project proposals continue to be available at:
We are working towards publishing a 2.0 plan for the community. Effort right now is focused on defining the scope of the candidate projects via adding more detail to the proposals, functional specs, and even through including UI mockups. These are being uploaded to the Wiki as they are revised, and the development team is also posting links to these in the BIRT Newsgroups for feedback. This step is required in order to understand the scope in detail, which will drive what we can include the BIRT 2.0 plan. Target for publishing the BIRT 2.0 plan continues to be mid-September -- although this means we are getting close to our deadline, we believe we will still be able to be pretty close to this.

As part of the BIRT 2.0 planning process, the PMC discussed having detailed content regarding the various APIs and extension points in BIRT -- the goal would be to provide a central reference point for API enhancements and changes in BIRT 2.0.

Related to this, the PMC also discussed having a consolidated area for all BIRT 2.0 content on the pages. Jason will look at this possibility.

EclipseCon BIRT Talk Proposals
The BIRT team has posted proposals for 2 talks and 1 tutorial at EclipseCon 2006. The proposals can be found at: Scott R has also posted a note in the BIRT Newsgroup asking for feedback on the proposals.

EclipseWorld Update
Jason W, Scott R and Krishna Venkatraman were all EclipseWorld in New York last week talking about and showing BIRT. The two BIRT talks were well attended -- about 70 people at the Introductory talk and 50 at the Advanced talk -- with a lot of interest in the BIRT project.

TechForge Article
Jason W has submitted an article to TechForge ( on using BIRT and Hibernate together. Jason is working with the TechForge team to get this reviewed and posted, which is anticipated to be fairly soon.

The BIRT project team are working with MySQL to get some content created for the tech zone on the MySQL site. There is a lot of synergy between MySQL and BIRT, so we want to let the MySQL community know about BIRT, and how to use MySQL and BIRT together. This will also increase visibility of Eclipse in general in MySQL community.

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